Smilegate Hope Studio Launches a Community Recovery Campaign 'Start Ag… 2022-04-12

■ Hope Studio delivers a message of recovery and hope to our reeling society after the large wildfire in March.

■ Our donation campaign is for users looking to offer practical recovery and support for the wildfire victims, instead of making a simple donation.

■ Support on all fronts, including for families of firemen who died on duty, forest restoration, residential support for displaced victims, etc., as well as cooperation with the Korea Fire-Fighting Mutual Aid Association, Peace Forest, Habitat for Humanity Korea, etc. 

■ Smilegate RPG and Smilegate Megaport take part in the donation campaign ... Donation campaign notice to LOST ARK and EPIC SEVEN users with possibility of users participating in 'growing good influence'


On the 6th (Wed), Smilegate Hope Studio (President Hyeok-bin Kwon, hereinafter referred to as 'Hope Studio') has revealed the launch of a donation campaign for rebuilding our communities suffering from the east coast wildfire in March and to aid the victims residing in the Gyeongbuk-Gangwon region, firemen who fought the wildfire, and forest restoration. 

Hope Studio has launched a donation campaign on the foundation website that can provide support in various aspects related to the east coast wildfire under the title of 'Start Again, Reboot'. This donation campaign consists of the following: ▲Support for the families of firemen who died in the line of duty, ▲ Support for wildfire damaged forest restoration, ▲Reconstruction of residential environment for displaced victims.

The significance of this campaign is to deliver a message of hope and recovery to our society suffering from the wildfire with the theme of 'community recovery', instead of simply making donations. Especially, this campaign is even more meaningful because it focuses on growing good influence throughout society with the game users, picking up after the 'Christmas Miracle' campaign at the end of last year.

The first campaign in 'Start Again, Reboot' focuses on providing support for the families of firemen who died in the line of duty by providing emergency living expenses and emotional stability support through the Korea Fire-Fighting Mutual Aid Association, as well as offering tuition aid for the children of firemen who died in the line of duty. Forty-four firemen have died in the line of duty during firefighting, rescue, and relief activities over the past 10 years since 2012, and 6,155 firemen have been acknowledged for their services and contributions. This donation campaign will gather donations for the surviving family members, who are suffering after the departure of 'our heroes'.

The wildfire damaged forest recovery support campaign will provide support in restoring the forest by planting new trees in some areas in the damaged forest area that turned to ashes after the east coast wildfire. This campaign will restore the wildfire damaged areas and plant new trees in Uljin Geumgangsong Ecorium and on Eungbongsan Mountain. This campaign will be conducted in collaboration with the 'Peace Forest', a corporation focusing on restoring the forest ecosystem for future generations.

Lastly, the campaign for reconstruction of the residential environment for displaced victims in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Korea will provide small mobile single-family housing for long-term residence to the displaced victims who lost their homes in the wildfire. Smilegate previously provided 6 wooden houses to the victims of the Goseong wildfire in 2019 with Habitat for Humanity Korea, and participated in volunteer overseas construction activity in Phuket, Thailand.

Hope Studio has also opened up an opportunity for the users of Smilegate's popular titles to voluntarily donate through websites, online communities, etc. Smilegate RPG has opened a special page on the official website of 'LOST ARK' and Smilegate Megaport has made an appeal for donations on the official online community website of EPIC SEVEN so that anyone can easily offer aid to the wildfire victims. Both of these companies are planning to participate in this donation campaign.

Smilegate Hope Studio General Manager Yeon-ju Kwon stated, “Smilegate has found multiple ways to offer practical assistance to the victim residents suffering from the wildfire and our community members working hard to rebuild our community”, and continued, “We hope that people take an interest and support our donation campaign to spread good influence throughout our society through this empathetic, voluntary donation with our game users.”

Details about 'Start Again, Reboot' campaign can be found on the official website of Smilegate Hope Studio (http://www.smilegive.org). <End>

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