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“LOST ARK” User Festival “LOA ON WINTER” to be Hosted Next Month


[2021-1124] Smilegate RPG (CEO Ji Won-gil) announced on the 24th that the online user festival “LOA ON WINTER” dedicated to MMORPG “Lost Ark” for PC will begin December 18 at 2 p.m. 

“LOA ON WINTER” will be a venue to communicate with users and unveil “Lost Ark’s” updated roadmap for next year. The event will be broadcast in real time through the official “Lost Ark” YouTube channel. 100 users will also be invited to participate in an “ONTACT”-type video chat.

Smilegate has also opened a “LOA ON WINTER” information page for information regarding online audience member applications, registration for questions, entries for stories and congratulatory messages, and complimenting my very own tall Mokoko.

Smilegate will also be accepting online audience member applications until the routine check this coming December 1st. 100 people will be selected to win a “LOA ON WINTER Special Kit” that contains a small gift and necessary props to participate in the “LOA ON WINTER” festival.

Registration for questions will also be accepted during this time. This is only available to users with characters who have reached level 50.

In addition, stories related to “Lost Ark” and congratulatory messages will be collected and 50 people will be drawn to receive “four SD figurines” and a “Mokoko Goods Set.”

Smilegate CEO Ji Won-gil said, “We hope this will be a meaningful time to discuss with users the journey that ‘Lost Ark’ has taken over the past three years as well as the roadmap for the future. We will do our best for this winter festival to become a wonderful memory.”

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