Pre-sales Begin for Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising from Smilegate’s Stove I… 2022-05-10

■ Pre-sales begin ahead of May 11 release for Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, the anticipated title from Stove-505 Games 

■ Double discount coupons provided to all pre-sale buyers


Stove Indie, an indie game platform operated by Smilegate Stove (CEO Young-woon Han), has revealed that it will begin pre-sales for Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Published by 505 Games, developed by Natsume Atari, and directed by Rabbit & Bear Studios, the title was highly anticipated and drew a lot of attention in the first-half of this year. 

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is an action RPG. It serves as a prequel for the new title, Eiyuden Chronicle, currently being developed by Rabbit & Bear Studios, which was founded by the production staff of the renowned masterpieces Suikoden and Castlevania. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will introduce the pasts and background stories of the future heroes as well as some other characters that will appear in the feature title Eiyuden Chronicle, and will include the partial application of some key systems from the feature title, such as town development and hero growth. The fact that some of the characters from Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will appear as companions in the feature title is expected to add more enjoyment to the user experience.

Stove Indie will launch the pre-sales event for Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising ahead of its release on May 11 (Thu). In this event, purchasers of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will be provided with a coupon that can be used on any Stove Indie title after the release of the game. Pre-sales customers will receive a discount coupon for 3,000 won, while users who purchase the game after its release will be provided with a discount coupon for 2,000 won.

Stove Indie is also planning various spectacles to appeal to JRPG users through collaboration with content creators in line with the release of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

Smilegate Stove CEO Young-woon Han said, “We hope you can experience the appeal of this IP through Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising before the release of our next anticipated title, Eiyuden Chronicle.” He continued, “Also, we have prepared various events and content for our users in Korea to ensure that they will enjoy a rich gaming experience.”

For more information on the game and the pre-sale purchase event for Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, visit the Stove Indie website (https://indie.onstove.com/en/games/887?utm_source=news).

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