WCG’s New Challenges On Public Broadcast and Online! 2020-10-15

※ This article was written on October 15th, 2020 

WCG is making new attempts with diverse content both on public broadcast and online while running “WCG 2020 CONNECTED”.

WCG reopened the competition in Xian, China in 2019, bringing forth a new era for e-sports by combining robot, VR, AR, and new technologies.


However, it will be difficult to hold an offline festival this year for gamers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

| Strengthening communication through e-sports entertainment and YouTube original content


This year it held an online competition of Korean and Chinese gamers called "WCG 2020 CONNECTED" and produced the e-sports entertainment show <We Can Game> with KBS and YouTube's original content <Promotion Team 22> which aims to capture the MZ generation.

<[We Can Game] “E-soccer” FULL teaser video> 

<We Can Game> was broadcasted on KBS 2TV on the 9th and captures the process of 2002 World Cup heroes, Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Eul-yong, participating in the WCG competition as well as families of Hong Sung-heun and Din Din communicating with their families through gaming.


<Promotion Team 22> tells the story of legendary gamer Hong Jin-ho, the head of the promotion team, and members of “Woo!ah!” as interns promoting WCG. <Promotion Team 22> consist of 7 episodes and will cover various topics related to WCG.

<We Can Game> and <Promotion Team 22> have a WCG theme and appeals to a wide audience. <We Can Game> shows the positive effects that gaming can have on communication between friends and family. <Promotion Team 22> captures YouTube users with plenty of memes and characters through Hong Jin-ho and members of “Woo!ah!”.

<[Promotion Team 22] [EP.02 Teaser] Work starts! First task? “Promotion Team 22” (PR team 22) for WCG 2020 

In particular, the teaser video for episode 2 of <Promotion Team 22> has surpassed 1.38 million views on YouTube.

WCG CEO Seo Tae-gun said, “WCG 2020 CONNECTED will provide safe and exciting new experiences to e-sports fans around the world. WCG will hold high quality e-sports games, strengthen real-time observation and communication, and create a new e-sports festival that will popularize e-sports through various content”.

WCG is taking on new challenges with e-sports entertainment and YouTube original content. We await the effect these efforts will have in the future.



WCG, a global e-sports festival for a better world, has been recognized as the world's largest e-sports festival since its launch in 2000. WCG is held with the goal of creating a better world through joy. "WCG 2020 CONNECTED" began on September 7th and will end with the grand final held between November 5th (Thursday) to the 8th (Sunday).

*WCG Website: http://www.wcg.com/ 

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