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Smilegate's Virtual Human Han YuA Starts Social Media Ahead of Entering the Entertainment Industry

■ Virtual Human Han YuA reveals a new look via Instagram, expected to start various activities

■ Smilegate's IP diversification. Han Yue will perform in the entertainment field, release a music album within this year


[2021-0827] Smilegate announced on the 27th that Virtual Human 'Han YuA' will start full-fledged activities by revealing a new look via Instagram.

As the heroine of Smilegate's self-developed VR (virtual reality) game "FOCUS on YOU," Han YuA received a lot of attention for her refreshing image and unique character that reminded people of their high school first love.

Smilegate plans to partner with Studio Giant Step, which has made remarkable strides in the field of special effects such as VFX (Visual Effects) and VR (virtual reality), to nurture Han YuA into a celebrity. Han YuA communicates with the public in a more advanced form like an actual person through Giant Step's 'AI-based virtual human solution' and 'real-time engine technology-based real-time content solution'.

In particular, to become a famous virtual celebrity, she will perform in various entertainment fields such as acting and releasing music albums by the end of this year and is also planning to collaborate with well-known brands. Smilegate will reveal Han YuA's activities sequentially through Instagram.

Smilegate has produced TV series and Hollywood movies through the diversification of IP (Intellectual Property) strategy of the game CROSSFIRE and has shown various entertainment content. Smilegate is leaping forward as a leading entertainment company by expanding its business to a diverse range by utilizing its IP and building a universe. Among them, Han YuA, a character and IP beloved as a game, is expected to establish herself as a virtual celebrity loved by the public.

Paek Min-jung, Executive Vice President of Marketing/IP Business Development at Smilegate said, "Recently, metaverse and virtual influencers are receiving much spotlight. Virtual characters have the advantage of increasing contact points with the public that transcend time and space. Han YuA, who has built up a reputation as a VR game character, will perform online and offline. Look forward to what Han YuA will show." 

You can check out Han Yua's various apperances on Han YuA's Instagram (

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