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End of Century Online Action RPG Soulworker, New Raid “Broken Savior” Update!

※ This article was written on July 28th, 2021

■ New, most difficult raid to challenge the final boss “Tenebris” whose main weapon is a sword and uses powerful skills

■ Access reward event along with various rewards each time you access the game




[2021-0728] "Soulworker" an end of century online action RPG, developed by Lion Games (CEO Yoon Sung-jun) and serviced by Smilegate Megaport (CEO Ina Jang), announced on the 28th (Wednesday) that it has updated its new raid content "Broken Savior".

Broken Savior is the most difficult raid that can be challenged by up to four people of level 76 or higher. The raid’s final boss, "Tenebris", uses powerful skills such as “sword draw” and different range skills with his sword.

If users are successful in completing the Broken Savior raid, they will be given new equipment of the highest grade. Many users are expected to challenge the raid due to this reward.

Meanwhile, Smilegate Megaport is offering an access reward event in commemoration of the new raid update. From July 28th to August 17th, users will be able to pick and obtain various items every day they access the game. In addition, useful items such as “Anti-destruction Devices”, “Energy Converter”, and “Tera Brooch Cube” will be presented depending on the cumulative number of days accessed.

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