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Smilegate Announces “LOST ARK” to Launch in North America on February 11, 2022

“Lost Ark” lands in North America this coming February 11, 2022.

Amazon Games, the publisher for “Lost Ark” North America, made the announcement at “The Game Awards 2021” on the 10th. Amazon Games previously hit a legendary 800,000 concurrent users, globally, with its new game “New World,” and is aiming for consecutive home runs with the launch of “Lost Ark” based on their expertise.


Amazon Games has been working on teasers for the game since July and has observed reactions from users through closed beta testing. It appears that the formal launch process is underway following successful positioning with the test.


Amazon Games has officially begun to make moves with the launch of a website and by mobilizing infrastructure such as its own shopping mall channel to receive payments, etc. Synergy is expected from early promotions by exposing the game through various channels as well as having the ability to be featured in its own shopping mall in time with the official release.

Meanwhile, indicators of leading games have been gradually falling as attention in the North American market is focused on hack and slash MMO games such as “New World” and “Diablo II: Resurrected.” Whether the launch of “Lost Ark” will be able to captivate defecting users will be an important point of observation.

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