Smilegate’s Virtual Artist Han YuA Selected as Model for Eyewear Brand… 2022-05-17

■ Smilegate’s virtual artist Han YuA and top model Seung-chan Lee selected as models for eyewear brand Lapiz Sensible - Korea’s first virtual artist model for an eyewear brand

■ Communicating with the public through interest in various social issues starting with participation in the eco-friendly project


Smilegate revealed on the 16th (Mon) that virtual artist Han YuA has been selected as the new face of the eyewear brand Lapiz Sensible. Han YuA is the first virtual artist to be selected as a model for an eyewear brand in Korea.

Han YuA is an AI-based virtual artist produced by Smilegate and real-time content solution group GIANTSTEP last year, and she has been active in various fields. Han signed an artist management contract with YG KPlus in February, and embarked on a career as a music artist with the release of her debut single, “I Like That,” in February. She was also selected as the model for the ‘corn silk tea’ product of Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical, and will participate as a model in the 2022 S/S advertisement for the eyewear brand Lapiz Sensible with top model Lee Seung-chan.

Starting with being selected as a model for the eco-friendly ‘ecly project’ of Lapiz Sensible, Han YuA is planning to participate in efforts to save the environment and taking interest in various social issues as she communicates with the public.

An official from Smilegate said, “We will continue to build a bond with Generation MZ that prioritizes consumption focused on values in the era of ‘green survival’ through AI Han YuA’s love for Earth.” 

Products of the ‘ecly project’ from Lapiz Sensible use a bioplastic made from cotton which is 100% naturally biodegradable, and the company is planning to replace all of its plastic products with bioplastic products by 2025.

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